Home Protection Plans

The Home Protection Plan from Master Electrical Service offers discounts, priority service and an annual home inspection which helps you to avoid electrical accidents, Plus, the Home Protection Plan is transferable!

Protect your Home & Family Today!

Electrical accidents and fires cause millions of dollars in damages every year. The tragedy is that many of these could have been avoided by simple maintenance repairs.

“To protect homeowners, organizations such as the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) provide and continually update electrical standards for homes just like yours. These are standards that organizations like the NFPA recommend to protect you, your home and your family from fire and electrical shock….”

“With homeowner education, improved safety standards and programs like the protection plan, homes are being protected and lives are being saved. I urge you to consider this. Many fires and electrical deaths are caused by factors that could have been avoided with regular maintenance.”

– Vernon T. Houchin, Retired Captain of the St. Louis Fire Department

Tip of the Day

Remind children that wires, electrical equipment, sub-stations, and transformers are extremely dangerous and off-limits.

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