Total Home Protection, Inc. lives on the cutting edge of the latest home security technology. We know families in Utah want the most secure tools with a user-friendly interface. We take a basic home security system and transform it into the central hub of your new smart home.

Our technology is designed to run directly from your phone, tablet, or computer. Our software will manage alarm responses, contacts, panel codes, dispatch instructions, test statuses, gateways, system configurations, and more! Our full encrypted private network means your security system communicates directly with our central station. No relaying or signal forwarding gives you significantly a faster and more reliable security system.

We offer an always on connection that gives you instant response security and home control without frustrating delays. You will receive real-time 2-way feedback on all your devices. We also offer patent-pending panel sabotage protection that adds an additional layer of protection to your security system. Our cameras offer H.264 High definition streaming with true 1080 (2MP) or 720 (1MP) resolution streamed directly to your smart device at any hour of the day. With our built-in microphone and speakers, you can listen and talk through the camera as you view live video footage. All cameras are equipped with night vision capability, and have a vision range up to 20 meters. Our user-friendly interface allows you to remotely pane and tilt the camera to get your desired point of view. We also offer the ability to add a 64GB micro SD card to your cameras that captures a week of contact local recording in full resolution.


I do not do this very often, but the service Kevin provided is worthy of me sending you a note.  I am impressed beyond all measure at Kevin’s ability to solve the problem I had.  He was very professional.  His troubleshooting skills were amazing.  I had been told by two other electricians that I probably had a buried junction box, they did not have the time to dedicate to finding it.  I had absolutely no idea on how to go about finding it without tearing down the house.  Kevin was able to find the buried box after doing some very skilled troubleshooting.  I was shocked that he came within three inches of finding the buried box which was where the problem was located.  I know who I’m calling the next time I have a need for an electrician.  Oh and by the way,  I called because the phone book ad said you had expert troubleshooting skills.  It is refreshing to see a company stand behind their word.  Thanks again for the great service.

-Rock Finlinson, Washington Terrace, UT

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